Polished concrete flooring VS tiling, ceramic and wooden floors

The advantages of polished concrete flooring are numbered, not just aesthetically but from a practical point of view:

Concrete can be laid in one day unlike a tiled floor where the grouting takes place the next day. With concrete there are no grout lines which become damaged, dirty and require re-grouting.

Other types of flooring, such as tiling which also requires sand and cement screed, this installation can take a number of days up to weeks to complete, causing disruption and inconvenience. Similarly for wooden flooring which can also take a number of days to complete.

Why are polished concrete floors so great?

Concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain.

Concrete floors are unique and entirely bespoke, we can tailor the colour and finish of your flooring to suit your preference.

As a result of the composite materials: water, aggregate and cement, these ingredients mix together and form a fluid mass that is easily moulded into shape.

Over time, the cement forms a hard matrix which binds the rest of the ingredients together into a durable stone-like material with many uses. Hence, with concrete you achieve the unique beauty of stone but at a more affordable rate.

Is it the right floor for you?

Concrete can be laid straight over tiles or underfloor heating. There is no need to have sand and cement screed.

Generally concrete floors are laid at 100ml thick although this can be negotiated with the room available.

If you already have sand and cement screed with tiles this can be dug out or will require up to an extra 100ml room to lay the polished concrete flooring on top.

If you have headroom to accommodate such then concrete flooring could be the perfect floor for you.

How long will the job take?

Floor installation takes 1 day for a floor of any size up to 170 square metres.
After the job has been completed the team will come back to clean and seal the floor which will take 1 day.

To get a quote for your floor and find out how long it will take contact us here.

Can I have underfloor heating?

Yes, underfloor heating can be laid before the placement of the concrete floor. We do not offer this service but are happy to recommend our preferred supplier who we work closely with. We are also happy to consult with your builders on this.

How long before my floor is laid?

This is subject to current work commitments but we can usually accommodate placement of the floor within a 4 week period. We endeavour to meet each client’s individual requirements and are always as flexible as possible.

What do I need to do?

Get in touch for a free quote today! Anything that needs to be done in preparation for your floor will be discussed at the site visit that occurs prior to floor placement.

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